Electric heaters are the device that converts current into heat. Heating inside every electric heater is a resistor and works on joule heating electric current through resistor that convert into heat energy.
Use to heat a single, small area that brings comfort while enjoying with your love ones. Electric heaters is consisting of high power refulgent lamp that emits infrared radiation.

Oil Field Radiator                       Space Radiator



Electric Halogen                             Electric Weather Proof Heater                                        



Electric Patio Heater             Electric Hanging Heater



Two Way Standing Heater


Patio Heaters

Do you want to sit under the trees with the colder autumn months? Here’s our patio heaters that will help you to calm down and feel relax while enjoying chatting with your friends and families. It creates direct source of heat and time spend outdoors. Suitable for heating garden and guests on warm autumn outdoor party.

Black Pyramid           Stainless Steel Pyramid      Golden Hammered Pyramid


Stainless Steel Mushroom        Golden Hammered Mushroom 



Silver Gray Mushroom Heater     London Patio Heater


Quartz Round Patio Heater